About Us

Kater4K9 is a family business ran by its founder Kaye. 

The business was born of a passion and love for both dogs and their sometimes very frustrated owners. 

When we were looking for a joint supplement for one of  our own dogs, what we found was a marketplace saturated with mediocre products full of binding and filling agents, others that were so unbalanced in their composition that the levels of some components were unnecessarily high, but made for a good marketing strategy and some that were so very overpriced that the cost would make you gasp.  

From starting with just 1 supplement, we now have 7 available for your dog, all of which have been developed for clients that were looking for something specific, so feel free to share your ideas with us and we’ll see what we can do. 

We strive for high specification supplements that are affordable for all. By staying affordable and keeping our prices below the market leaders, we believe we can help even more animals, and that’s our primary goal. 

Every single one of our products is made right here in the UK, we believe in supporting our own manufacturing companies, which in turn means we can say we are a truly British company. 

Our products are subject to all the relevant EU regulations and the ingredients are fully traceable.

The factories we use are registered as manufacturing facilities under the relevant EU regulations and are registered under ISO 9001.