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KineticFlex Ultra

KineticFlex Ultra

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Our most advanced joint supplement available, for those dogs that need the very highest level of support or experiencing significant mobility issues.  

KineticFlex Ultra has all the same great ingredients as KineticFlex but with the added bonus of collagen peptides. 

The ingredients included are fed at scientifically researched levels offering the correct ratios to ensure your dog has the very best in joint care. 



Initial loading.

The idea of an initial double amount of KineticFlex for 4 weeks is a simple one. The quicker we top up depleted nutraceuticals in a pets body the quicker we will see an improvement in their condition.

Supplements are just that, they supplement the diet, and try to replace what is missing in the body.

Reduced levels of nutraceuticals can be attributed to many different causes including oxidative stress, poor diet, old age etc.

Supplements are not instant fixes, unlike usual medication, we have to be patient, doubling the amount fed however for the initial 4 week period should see results sooner than just the normal recommended amount.


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