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PhytumFlex is an aqueous infusion of Harpagophytum Procumbens, a plant more commonly known as Devils Claw.


Devils claw is used to aid the joints and increase mobility by relieving stiffness and inflammation, and maintaining a healthy joint structure, but its superpowers don’t stop there. 


PhytumFlex can also:-

-Mop up free radicals that cause cellular damage.  

-Prevent harmful bacterial growth. 

-Act as a digestive tonic. 

-Help relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infections. 


Suitable for both dogs and horses.


The speed in which Devils claw is effective can be increased with supplementation of extra Vitamin C. (VitC-Flex).


Due to the effect that Devils claw can have on uterine muscles, it is essential that giving to pregnant bitches is avoided.

Not suitable for dogs on blood thinners.

Available in 1000ml bottle.


We recommend consulting with your veterinary surgeon before starting supplementation. 

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