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VitC-Flex is a revolutionary vitamin C supplement specially formulated for dogs.

Whether facing travel, boarding, competitions, illness, or other forms of stress, Vitamin C is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being. Stressful situations can cause a surge in adrenaline, which can block the absorption of Vitamin C in the gut and compromise vital bodily functions. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C helps combat free radicals that can cause harm to our furry friends. Furthermore, during intense physical activity, Vitamin C plays a crucial role in reducing the buildup of lactic acid, preventing muscle cramps and aiding in post-work recovery, whether that work be agility, trials, showing or obedience  

Give your beloved pet the gift of vitality with VitC-Flex!



Use VitC-Flex for:-

-Improved immunity.

-Its cancer fighting properties 

-Collagen production. 

-Disease prevention. 

-Boosting Iron absorption. 

-Tissue repair. 

-Preventing cramps. 

 Unlock the full potential of your pets health with VitC-Flex! This powerhouse supplement boosts immunity, fights cancer cells, promotes collagen production, prevents diseases, improves iron absorption, supports tissue repair, and prevents cramps. Experience the ultimate health benefits with VitC-Flex now!


1 x 5 gm Teaspoon VitC-Flex contains 625mg of pure Vitamin C.


Available in a 200g pot.


We recommend consulting with your veterinary surgeon before starting supplementation. 

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